Food Service

  • Menu development and presentation, costing, pricing and layout
  • Recipe development and tasting
  • Food styling and standards for plating, portioning and garnishing
  • Service standards and procedures
  • Food purchasing specifications
  • Receiving, storage and issuing procedures
  • Food delivery systems
  • Culinary demos for trade shows/food producers


  • Concept planning
  • Facilities design
  • Operation Analysis
  • Equipment layout and specifications

Staffing and Personnel

  • Staffing requirements and training
  • Training personnel on proper service techniques
  • Job descriptions

Culinary Competitions

  • Coaching individuals or teams for competition
  • Providing advice on logistics
  • Offering insight on competition rules and judging

English to French/French to English Translation Services

  • Recipes and menus
  • Web sites, blogs, newsletters, journals, articles, etc.
  • Job descriptions, training and operation manuals, etc.
  • Educational material (course outlines, program outcomes, course material, etc.)

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